Despite being born into an aristocratic family, he liked to study at a very young age as well as pay for his own part-time job. At the beginning of his working life, he started working as a computer operator in a small office.

Since then he has been studying technology online for a long time. Due to his loving with technology from an early age, no laziness has worked in this regard.

Since then, he has been working for some time as an IT Executive in Voice Marketing of Banglalink, a popular mobile telecom company in Bangladesh.

He was also in charge of Computer and IT in the Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering Design section of the Madhukhali Magura Railway Project for a long time at Bangladesh's Best and Asia's third-largest design consultancy firm Development Design Consultant Limited Company.

Finally, she has devoted herself to creating videos and content on her YouTube channel, Facebook page, and websites as a full-time job, hoping to take the huge platforms of creating her dream content online. Through which his main dream is to help people with technological information and make their lives easier through online platforms around the world. This is how all his platforms and his career are moving forward. Now Saifur Rahman Azim has more than 6 lakh followers and subscribers online.

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